Sunday, February 24, 2008

Older Than Dirt And Still Growing ...

Have you ever heard the expression, “older than dirt?” I know you have if you’re out of my generation. That statement means that something or someone is very old. You see, dirt is pretty old having been created at the beginning of time. For additional information on the origin of dirt, read from the Holy Bible in Genesis, Chapter One.

Anyway, I was thinking of this “older than dirt” phrase which caused me to think of my brother-in-law, Sidney A. King. Do you realize that he is older, much older than Ann King, my big sister who is pretty old in her own right?

Born in 1926 (can you believe it?) Sid attended school in Geneva, Texas. His family moved to Beaumont in 1942 and Sid became a Greenie as a junior at South Park High School graduating from there in 1944.

Following his high school graduation, Sid enlisted in the United States Army Air Force Cadet Program. He ended up being a tail gunner on a B-29 Bomber. You know, I can think of safer ways to spend a Saturday afternoon but this is what Sid chose to do. He was discharged honorably in 1946. At least Sid tells me that his discharge was honorable. I really have no way of verifying this fact so we’ll leave it at that.

Ok, I first met Sid when he began dating my sister. Ann dated hundreds of guys for years, or so it seemed to this little brother. She dated pilots, horsemen, beachcombers and at one time was “going steady” with five boys. She had a little chain around her neck with five rings attached. I always wondered how she managed that. I still don’t know.

Anyway, having met so many exciting individuals over the years, I was kind of surprised when Ann brought Sid home to meet the family. We lived on Pipkin Street in South Park. Sid would drive over to our house in his 1938 Ford. One night while Sid was inside our living room meeting Ann for a date, I slipped out the back door and taped a “Just Married” sign to the rear end of his car. They soon drove off to see a movie at the Jefferson Theater never realizing the information that was being displayed on the sign. I never heard anything about that so I guess the sign fell off or perhaps Sid just chose to ignore it. He was good at ignoring things, especially little brothers.

Ann moved to Abilene to attend college. When Sid left the military he enrolled at Lamar College and later completed his law degree at Baylor University. Sid entered a bar in 1951. I guess that’s OK. He told me he was admitted to the Texas Bar.

Sid and Ann were married in 1952 at the South Park Church of Christ. I served as an usher as did Sid’s brother, Hubert King. At the time I was an usher at the Jefferson Theater so I had lots of experience showing people to a seat.

They and their two children moved over near Plant Road in north Beaumont and began attending the Ridgewood Church of Christ. Sid became a Sunday School teacher and served as an Elder there for 27 years.

Sid has been in law practice for 300 years, or so it seems. He still works and specializes in Probate, Wills, Estate Planning, Land, Oil & Gas, and general practice. Also, he taught Real Estate Law at Lamar University for a number of years.

You know, after all is said and done, I’m glad that my big sister ended up marrying Sid.

Even if he is older than dirt.

Winston Hamby


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