Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Before and After...A Beautiful Relationship...

Can you believe it?  My sister Ann just had another birthday which means that she is even older than she was already.

You know the main problem with a big sister getting older is that it follows that a little brother also is getting older. But I am not writing about being a little brother. I’m writing about Ann, my big and/or older sister. So forget the little brother aspect for now.
Ann was born in the last century. January 21, 1932, was the day Ann was born to the proud parents, Woodie and Annie Hamby. Now I will not reveal Ann’s age. When a lady reaches 78, she does not want it broadcast to the whole wide world. Thank you for understanding.

Back in those olden days, parents tended to name their children after famous successful personalities. Ann was named after my mother Annie. Ann’s middle name is Lowell after author James Russell Lowell.

By the same token I was named Winston Jennings Hamby. Winston was after Winston Churchill. Jennings, after William Jennings Brian. My dad was named Woodie Jefferson Hamby. Woodie, from Woodrow Wilson and Jefferson from Thomas Jefferson. My mother did not want me to have a strange name like Woodie Jefferson but she did want me to keep the same initials so she came up with Winston Jennings (not strange?) This theory did not work out for me as I have as yet to be a famous personality. But I digress so back to my big sister Ann.

Ann was my first baby sitter. At least I found a picture of her when she was five years old sitting with me when I was a one year old. So the proof is in the pudding or rather in the picture.

Actually while growing up I thought Ann hung the moon. However the Bible says that God made the sun, moon and stars so it is likely that Ann did not hang the moon. But I did look up to her and thought her to be a fine big sister.

I remember one time when I was selling Cokes and ice cream at the ball games at Stuart Stadium in Beaumont back in the 1940s. I had saved up about six dollars from my labors. Ann sneaked into my bedroom one day and hid the money. I knew she had hidden it but she would not tell me where it was. It seems that I had bragged a bit too much about how much money I had saved. I think that her hiding the money was her gentle way of telling me to “cool it.” But I got even. After she made her bed each morning, I would sneak into her bedroom and mess her bed up. This maneuver was designed to get Ann into trouble with our mom who wanted our beds made up every morning. However, mom was wise to my finaglings and put a stop to it. But I did get my six dollars back. Also I quit bragging about how much money I had saved.

Anyway I always used my money to buy Christmas presents for mom and dad and yes, even Ann. Ann like stuffed animals so usually I would get her one on appropriate occasions.

Ann and I have enjoyed a really great relationship over the years. I venture to say that not many siblings get along as well as Ann and I do.

Anyway Ann just turned 78 and it has occurred to me that most of our future is behind us. But allow me to say that having Ann as my big sister for all those years has prompted my fondest memories.

Ann, I love you and happy birthday.
Winston --

Winston Hamby


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hi uncle..i enjoyed reading this about my mom (and you)...i don't know WHAT she was talking about...other than you not telling anyone how old she is...karen

Mon Jan 25, 07:10:00 PM 2010  

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