Saturday, May 26, 2007

They Call Her, "Ann."

Sometimes I refer to Ann Lowell as my “big sister” and other times as my “older sister.” Both of these descriptions are correct. Ann Lowell is my big sister but she is not big. She is petite and she is beautiful. And she is older because she was born first. Some four year prior to my coming along.

But there is more description of my sister than words can express. Of course she is beautiful on the outside. Always has been. She was one of the prettiest girls at South Park High School in Beaumont. She began her days at South Park as a freshman in 1945 and graduated in 1949. She had lots of boyfriends. They all seemed like nice guys. I made friends with most of them. A few of them didn’t want anything to do with the “little brother.” But this one thing I knew. If any of those guys did not like me then they did not stand much of a chance with Ann Lowell.

There was Ray, the pilot. He flew single engine airplanes. His favorite plane was the Piper J-3 Cub. He also rode a motorcycle. I thought he had pretty well hung the moon. Airplanes and motorcycles. How much more perfect can a guy be? Well our dad wouldn’t let Ann ride with Ray in an airplane and he would not let her ride with him on his motorcycle. It’s amazing how some dads just don’t get it.

Then there was Richard who rode a horse. He would come over to the house on his horse to visit Ann Lowell. Richard was nice and he was funny. I liked him. I even liked his horse and fed the horse apples whenever I could. Dad liked Richard but not the horse. Now, Dad liked horses in general but he did not like horses coming into our front yard on Pipkin Street in Beaumont. Horses do things in front yards that they ought not to do. Dad told Richard to park his horse on the side of the road and not in our grass. He told Richard that our grass was green enough without the blessings of a horse.

Then later Sid came along. Sid lived over on Kenneth Street just off of Elgie Street in South Park. He would drive his old 1938 Ford over to the house to visit Ann Lowell. He always parked along the edge of our front ditch. That made ruts in the grass that made mowing more difficult. Dad did not like that. But he did like Sid. In 1952, Ann and Sid got married. A few years ago I attended their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Looks like their marriage is going to last.

But my heart is heavy as I write these accounts. My big sister has just undergone back surgery in Beaumont and now she is in rehab. She had fourteen nerve pinches repaired. She is experiencing quite a bit of pain and that makes me sad.

You see, little brothers love to tease big sisters. I always loved to trick her and try to outsmart her. That’s what little brothers do. But there is this one thing I need to share: I want only the best things in life for Ann Lowell. I do not want her to be in pain.

The years are advancing on the both of us. We know that our physical health will take a hit now and then. But I do not want anyone or anything messing around with the welfare of my big sister.

No kidding. I love my big sister. She is one of the best friends I ever had.

Winston Hamby --
The Beaumont Enterprise


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l0l. yeah, i agree. my brother is awesome too...i guess. l0l. but thnx for the comment on my poem =))

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